The MOST EXPENSIVE thing in the WORLD 💥🚀

The most expensive thing in the world is TIME.


Just think about it - you can be very rich, but if you die today, you couldn’t enjoy it. Or you could be madly in love, but if you don’t have time it’s nothing.


But as I see, not so many people understand the true value of time. Somehow we waste it on doing things we don’t like, being in relationships we don’t enjoy, looking for experiences, which wouldn’t lead us anywhere.


And I’ve been talking about that in my YouTube videos - like in one about dream life - most of the people desire to become happy, wealthy and healthy. 


So what’s the difference between those, who achieved that and those, who didn’t yet. 


The answer is TIME.


And now the movie with Justin Timberlake came to my mind. The only currency in that reality was time. For everything you were paying with time.

When your time is off you just die. So to keep alive you need to get time.


And that’s very alpliable to our lives, we can buy time. How?


There’re so many ways. And I’m sure you’re using them already.


Let’s use bold experience as a start point, means you’re living your life based only on your own experience.

That’s a hard long journey. Takes a loooot of time. And there’re chances you wouldn’t be able to manage it.


But we’ve been given such tools as books. From childhood we’ve been taught to read.

Books could save a lot of time by bringing in wisdom and working schemes, how to do smth what we want to do.


Next step - trainings. You go there to buy time. To get to your goals much faster as you would do it by yourself. Cause you get access to the experience of the master.


Another options would be a personal work. You buy a mentorship or, for example, astrology reading.


Yes. Of course I would be speaking about astrology. Cause it saves sooo much time.

Astrology chart is a personal manual to your life. It has all the answers you’re looking for. 


It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t need to study. You would. But instead of studying everything, you’ll have a clarity what exactly you need to study. Saves time.


Would you need to take actions? Of course, without actions nothing changes.


And again. Random actions with hope it will bring you to the result, or actions, which will bring specifically you to the results.


It’s like you would be riding somewhere without a clue, how to get there. You’ll be stopping to ask for directions. Sometimes they would be even wrong. You’ll waste lots of time to get to your destination point.


Astrology is a navigation system. It protects you from wasting your precious time. 


For me, that’s one of the greatest tools. And as I said, it doesn’t solve your problems, but it saves you lots of time in solving your problems and reaching results you’re dreaming about