Get a personal instruction how to raise a happy, harmonious and successful person.

FORMAT: 90 mins zoom consultation



We’ll touch such topics as:

  • health
  • relationships with parents
  • personality traits, psychology
  • talents, hobbies, future profession
  • strong sides and weaknesses


And I’ll answer all of your questions, related to your kid.


What clients say


Since the day my son was born I felt a very strong energy around him. Reading confirmed, that he is a leader, who feels his power already now. Personality traits description reminded his father like 99% and that is already very noticeable.

As Sasha said, it is a challenge to raise a leader, but her recommendations how to approach him were very useful and adequate. I truly appreciate that! Sometimes we think we know a lot, but there’s always more we could learn from each other.

For example, we all see our children as little loving humans, but the truth is it's not always like that and they need to be guided. I liked the point, that good leader requires kindness and caring, not only power and activeness.

To be honest I found the reading helpful generally. It was engaging, it was interesting and it really helped me to see my child a bit differently, but in a good way. Also I liked that Sasha pointed out what we as parents can do to support our little human.

Thank you.


My girl is turning into a teenager at the moment, her mood and behavior changes a lot, and I decided to get some guidance to see, how I can help her in this journey.

I noticed from her young age, that she had interest in sports, but I didn’t know, that competing and especially winning is important to her. That explained a lot about her behavior after losing couple of competitions. It was good to get some advices how to help her in dealing with emotions.

Another interesting fact is that reading confirmed her conservative nature. And I wasn’t sure, how to deal with that. Rather comfort her or get her out of comfort zone. You always want to be a supportive Mom, but it doesn’t always mean to play along. Reminder, that flexibility in life is a useful quality, was needed.

We also talked about possible professions and what qualities would be good to develop for success. I got my ideas, how to incorporate it into our daily routine. Let’s say I got some clarity about how to manage in the nearest future and how to build up our communication. I would say astrology is a very helpful tool.


Reading revealed couple of surprising facts.

Cause you always expect your kid to be the way you are, but our son seems to be a bit different. My husband and I live with idea “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. But apparently such moto doesn’t suit to our son. His chart says he’s a sensitive person, who requires soft parenting. I was glad to figure out such thing soon enough.

It was interesting to know, that he could have a lack of confidence. But Sasha gave advices how to help him to develop supportive qualities. I knew, that parents can affect on kid’s lives, but I didn’t think that we could change that much.

We talked a lot about emotions too, as chart shows his impulsiveness and mood swings. I thought it was just a period, but looks like it is his personality trait and he needs to learn, how to keep himself balanced.

It was an interesting session, cause as I said, our son is different and it helped to understand him better. Now I can think, how to raise him the way he is, encourage his strong sides. That’s a lot to digest, but it was very helpful.


My middle daughter is a bit of a mystery for me.

Compare to other kids, she seems to be slower. She started talking much later, then other kids. And I still don’t fully get her.

Sasha explained, that she has a specific position in her chart, causing speaking issues and as well slow thinking. Was good to know, that she’s actually smart, but needs support in this area.

I felt a bit sad to discover, that she doesn’t have a good situation in health sphere, but it wasn’t a big surprise for me, as I have all the same issues. You know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But I found it inspiring, that knowing the possible issue we could prevent illnesses.

Something I wasn’t expecting at all was the statement, that my daughter has a very spiritual chart. Can’t say I understand it fully yet. But Sasha said she would be interested in all the mysterious knowledges, astrology and etc. And would be good, if we’ll support her through right values, love and kindness. That I’m capable of, even though I don’t understand much in astrology.

Reading helped me to look at my daughter from a different angle. I let go irritation about some traits, instead I felt like hugging her more.