What is REIKI?

   REIKI is a natural system of hands on healing existing for some thousands of years.

   REI means spiritual wisdom and Consciousness.

   KI means universal life force, it is the life force the non-physical vitality that gives life to all living things.

   KI has the same meaning as CHI, PRANA, ENERGY, LIGHT and the HOLY GHOST.

   This universal life force animates the body and is also the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life.

   Everyone has a channel this energy flows through. Unfortunately during life it gets blocked with different negative things and energy stops flowing smooth.

​   Reiki attunment opens this channel, and method itself gives a tool, how to work with energy.

   There's no magic in it, everyone can easily learn, and that could seriously change your life in a better way.

In the beginning I thought, that Reiki didn't change anything in my life. Though being in this practice more then a year and a half and looking back, the difference is very obvious.


First of all I got rid of insomnia, and I didn't even think that I had one. But if you can't fall asleep without watching serial (or sometimes that also wasn't helping), how else you could call it? Nowadays I fall asleep easily, without any extra stimulation, much earlier then ever and that has a quality affect on my life as well.


I stopped taking pills. Sometimes I still have head aches and high blood pressure. Reiki amazingly solves these situations. Before I always had painkillers in my bag, nowadays I just don't need them. Menstruation pain or other unexpected pains are also easy to get rid of with Reiki.


But I would say, that the best change was the life perception. I even decided to go for training, because was in stagnation. I didn't have wishes, didn't understand, where to move on, relationship weren't good, work didn't come my way. After I started practicing Reiki, I burst into blossom. Could say, that I started shining from within. I got desires, I got opportunities to make them come true, inspiring and sincere people started to come into my life. And that is just a quality energy flow through a built-in channel. That's actually a normal state of being of each human.


Another thing I like is that you can heal people around, if you're attuned to Reiki. It's a big pleasure for me to help people. But I can help to only limited amount of people, that's why I wish more people to become Reiki healers. Cause it's more interesting to live among inspiring people.


Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Hayashi

Madam Takata

Barbara McGregory

William Rand

Valerie Rending

Devi Ma

Sasha Navetnaya

Use REIKI to:

  • Relax you when you're stressed
  • Center you when you feel confused
  • Energize you when you fill drained
  • Balance your chakras
  • Focus your mind and help you to solve problems
  • Relieve pain
  • Accelerate natural healing of wounds
  • Gradually clears up chronic problems
  • Prevent the development of disease
  • Release emotional wounds
  • Purify the etheric body
  • Awake your spiritual essence
  • Align you to your life purpose
  • Bring stillness to meditate


When is the next training?



On request



120 USD (PayPal)

How it will happen online?

1. You need to have 2 apps on your phone:

- Telegram

- Skype


2. After you proceed the payment, you'll receive a link to a closed channel in Telegram app, where audio lectures will be waiting for you. You could listen to them, when it's comfortable for you.


3. On a selected date and time we'll meet in Skype and I'll give you an attunement, answer your questions personally and we'll make a practice together. Session last about 1h30mins-2h.

What you will get?

- attunement,
- technology how to work with energy,
- selfhealing practice,
and how to transfer energy to other people (clients); for Level 1 - personally, for Level 2 - distantly,
- theory about Reiki, energy in general and chakras.




Become a creator of your own life

reserve a spot for the next REIKI  training

+62 81936 00 1301


Darya Solodova

Reiki level 1

   Reiki is about love, when you don't invade others life with your own rules. When help comes only after request. For me Reiki is something, what aligns.Something what gives you fire, when needed, and cools down, when you're burning. As a feeling it's like being drunk, but you're sober. I feel good and people around are pleasant.

   Practice works for those, who are sceptical about it. It's very interesting to observe, how it starts from a question: "How long we need to do your strange Reiki?", and person feels so bad, that can't even lay down, but the next day he's already moving around happy and active. For my mega-active daughter I give Reiki, when she's sleeping, fever goes down very fast.

   It is something you need to try for sure. cause you just need to try and your scepticism will be gone forever.

   What else can I say, if the lump in my chest, which was there for ages, dissolved.

Sasha, I finally breathe deeply!

   Reiki is LOVE!

Maria Makarova

Reiki level 1

   For me Reiki is a unique experience. That's the practice, which really works. Always!

When i just started self-practice, the biggest invention was how Reiki energy helps to calm down within yourself, harmonise, fill you with positive emotions and (that was the most powerful and valuable for me) gives a feeling self esteem.

   Later I began feeling deeper, receiving answers on my questions during the practice. I started better feeling people to who I was giving healing sessions. And up to their reviews my feelings from healing sessions reflect im them as well. Sometimes there were situations, when people didn't feel comfortable during the session or the next day, but there always was a positive effect after, both emotionally and physically.

   Sasha, thank you very much for this new experience, for attunement and support!

Olesya Oshkukova

Reiki level 1

 Sasha, I wanna thank you and share some thoughts about my Reiki practice.

Reiki helps me a lot in my work with psychosomatic!

   Sometimes before session I make a healing Reiki session and person calms down, become more grounded and in source. And them we can dive deeper into his subconscious.

   And because of my self-practice I work like in a vortex, with the flow, words and thoughts are coming as they are not mine, or mine, but they were forgotten. That's impressive!

​   And I think that affects other spheres of my life a lot! That what i noticed very clear! Even though during healing sessions i don't feel much, but probably because my channel is not strong enough yet. But I see, that it's working!