Did you know, that you have 10 bodies, not just one?


Yes, maybe you got surprised right now and trying to touch couple more of them beside your familiar physical body.


Don't rush, during NUMEROLOGY marathon we'll talk about each one of them in details:

  • soul
  • negative mind
  • positive mind
  • meditative mind
  • physical body
  • nimb
  • aura
  • pranic body
  • subtle body
  • shining body

And how these 10 bodies are related to a date of birth?

Oh, directly!


Date of birth is you sacral code, which keeps a hint, why did you come to this embodiment.


Hope I wouldn't surprise you, if I say, that it's not the first life for your soul. And we came here to learn our lessons and become better.


Before embodiment the soul makes a serious plan, it selects the place of birth, parents and situation around, all that is meant to make lessons maximum effective.


And we have super-powers, our talents, otherwise how could we bring more light and joy to this world?


The only problem, we forget about the plan pretty much after the embodiment and moving through life by touch.


That's why we were selecting or date of birth - that we could use this tip in the moment of need!

Numerology marathon definitely suits you, if you want:

  • to know yourself better
  • to understand, how to work with your weaknesses
  • to get real recommendations and practices for that
  • to understand, how to use your super-powers
  • to learn, how to count other peoples numbers and start understanding them better, find the better way for communication
  • to use these knowledges in business and relationship

How to participate?


from 9 November till 1 December 

How it will be host?

I'll host marathon in private Telegram channel (if you don't have this app, just download it), you'll get the link after payment.

Every 2 days I'll post new audio lectures and videos with practices.

And I'll be in touch with you during all the time of marathon, angering your questions!

What's the price?

Early bird - till 1 November - 20 USD

If you pay till 7 November - 40 USD

If you pay after 7 November  - 60 USD


Send a request and I'll contact you with instructions!